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Good Morning! Happy Friday! Happy Weekend!

Following my whirlwind trip to Montreal last week, followed by several family parties (and surprises!) upon my return – this week has been anything but slow. In fact, by Tuesday, I had to listen to my horoscope and slow my roll, before I was falling asleep standing up.

But now, the weekend is here and I’m so looking forward to working beach side today before heading back to the city for a weekend of concerts, dinners, and good times.

First, here is this week’s C list!

1. 10 Refreshing Recipes to Flavor Your Water (via the Beach Body Blog) The strawberry kiwi water sounds AMAZING.

2. This book nerd’s tweet to a bookstore’s official Twitter account ended in a love story (via Mashable) Love is awesome.

3. How To Pack Like a Minimalist Traveler (via the Every Girl) I used to be unable to travel light. Now I can’t even imagine going back to anything more than a carry-on suitcase and bag. These tips are amazing if you’re looking to travel light this summer.

4. Meet Human-Cat Who Keeps Standing On 2 Legs And Judging His Owners (via Bored Panda) George the cat is everything.

5. 31 Things You Need To Eat In July (via Buzzfeed) July is almost over so you should eat all of these ASAP.

6. 5 Essentials for the Perfect Camping Trip (via the Every Girl) Camping was on my bucket list this summer – was it on yours?

7. 12 Indie Dog Companies to Shop for Your Precious Pooch (via Brit + Co.) If you own a dog, you owe it to yourself to check out these 12 companies for those of us who can’t have a puppy because we live in apartments. Speaking for a friend ;)

That’s it for this week.

Have an AWESOME weekend folks and if you’re a local, make sure to check out the Mud City Meltdown concert series line-up this weekend! I’ll be there!


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