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It’s the first les mots on East Coast Mermaid and this quote felt incredibly appropriate.

For starters, I try to use original photos, so after the abundance of shots from Friday night’s sunset (see more here), I was dying to use one for les mots.

But more importantly, the past seven days have reinforced what I knew I needed more of in my life.

I needed to create something that was mine.

I needed to build a tribe of sunset chasers and wander folk. A tribe of day dreamers who are happiest with sandy toes and sun kissed noses.

I needed to sprinkle some salty, ocean magic around like confetti.

I needed to do more of what lights my soul on fire.

Because all of the above is who I am. Through and through.

What sets YOUR soul on fire?


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Photo Credit: Yours Truly. Overlay created with Over App. 

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