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Good Morning! And Happy Friday amigos!

Before I can even begin to talk about the C list – I have to start by saying that I am still absolutely floored over the amazing feedback and love for East Coast Mermaid this week.

The plan was always to celebrate Monday night with D by enjoying the first sunset of summer and a mini bottle of champagne at the beach. I never could have predicted how much love I had to celebrate and for that – I seriously have to say: thank you, thank you, thank you.

Every single one of you have reinforced this wild, crazy idea and I can’t wait to create so much more magic for you this summer and beyond.

And now, after that little sappy rant, here is this week’s C list, curated with love just for you!

1. Snapchat Hacks: 16 Tricks and Features You Probably Didn’t Know About (via Hootsuite Blog) I’m calling it the Summer of Snapchat and if you’re on the popular social app, you need all of these tricks and hacks in your life this summer.

2. Champagne Ice Cubes Just Seriously Upgraded Your Brunch Mimosas (via Pure Wow) Can we all collectively agree that this is awesome?

3. Soothe Your Sunburn With This DIY After-Sun Lotion (via Brit + Co.) I’m DEFINITELY giving this a whirl this summer.

4. How to Plan the Best Bachelorette Party (via Jillian Harris) Attention all bridesmaids – if you’re planning a bachelorette in summer sixteen, this is the post for you.

5. 10 Internet Habits Costing You Money (via DailyWorth) I can definitely agree that #8 always leads to me spending money I don’t need to spend because I want all the things.

6. 12 Essentials for Throwing a Fin-Tastic Shark Week Premiere Party (via Brit + Co) Not gonna lie – I kind of want to throw a shark party now.

7. All this dog wants out of life is to go outside (via Mashable) I am this little dog. Cutest 15 seconds of your day.

And that’s all for this Friday. Have an awesome weekend!


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