The Tides are Changing


When I first launched my blog back in 2011, I really, truly, had no big vision for it. I wasn’t working in marketing or PR. My life plan was kind of non-existent. You could say I was treading water, surrounded by islands of opportunity with no idea how to get to shore, let alone which shore to choose.

This blog started as place to share my love of pop culture in my spare time.

It became a passion. It became so much more.

And on June 20th, it’s transforming into what I think it was always destined to become.

A destination for anyone who ever felt like they should have been born at sea. For anyone that regardless of where they are on the map, longs for the ocean. It’s for those with imaginations that run wild.

To all of the day dreamers, members of the sandy toes + salty nose society, to those that must travel thousands of miles just to see the ocean, and of course, to the wander folk and those that embrace adventure.

I’m speaking to you.

This new destination is for YOU.


On June 20th the blog will become East Coast Mermaid.

And believe me when I say, it’s been nothing but a labor of love over the past few weeks bringing this to life.

Nearly everything you’ve come to love on this blog will be there – yes, that includes les mots + the c list. In addition to the usual products I love, recipes, books, and more; there will also be more seaside tales and greater adventures from the East Coast. And these tales and adventures will sometimes be caught on video.

And swag. There is totally going to be swag for you to get your hands on.

Because if you know me, you know that I don’t half ass anything.

Plunder big or go home.


Of course, no adventure such as this can launch without a little dirty work, which is why as of midnight tonight, this blog will be down for maintenance. Or as I like to think of it – necessary magic.

On June 20th at 6:00am EST – East Coast Mermaid will come to life with one big splash at its new home:

If you’re already a subscriber, you’re all set for this new adventure. If you’re not, make sure to subscribe to the blog today to be the first to know as soon as East Coast Mermaid (ECM) is live.

I want to ride this wave with all of you.

See you in a splish splash 🐚


Photo credit to the incredibly talented Jess Duclos – I’m looking forward to so many more fun beach photoshoots!  

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