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Good Morning + Happy Friday!

I have a secret for you.

This is the last time you’re going to see The C List in this style. And before you get the feels, I promise – this is TOTALLY a good thing.

And if it’s not, I’ll write a really long post about failure and how ice cream really can cure anything, deal? 

Next Wednesday, June 15th, I’m making a big announcement. On June 20th, that announcement comes to life. Because what better day of the year to launch something awesome than on the first day of summer.

Until then, here is this week’s C List with plenty of good links to hold you over until the next, on June 24th!

1. Want to know how cool you are on Instagram? Now you can. (via If you’ve ever wonder what your best (and most influential) photos on Instagram are – now you can know. Shocker: mine is my cat.

2. 8 Expenses Every Woman Should Plan For  (via Elite Daily) This is an awesome list and one every woman should check out.

3. 19 Beach Books You Should Totes Read This Summer (via Pop Sugar) Basically I want all of these books and all of these totes. Which are you planning to read this summer?

4. These 25 Photos Are Not Your Average Engagement Pics (via Huffington Post) I scrolled through this post over and over again. These are STUNNING but personal favorites are #1, #13, and #16.

5. 6 Secret Facebook Tricks (via Refinery29) My friends would agree – #4 is highly addictive.

6. Frozen Chocolate Almond Bananas (via Fraiche Nutrition) Need a summer treat for a warm day? I know I can’t wait to try these this summer!

7. A Bloggers Guide to Snapchat (via Ember + March) To all my creatives following this blog, if you’ve wondered how to harness Snapchat for your blog or small biz, this is an excellent read!

Have an awesome weekend!

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