les mots

bloom where you are planted

In my thirty two years, I’ve been fortunate enough to call a few exciting destinations in both Canada and the USA home.

But my hometown has always been home. And I remember, when I first came back in 2009, that it felt like it would be impossible to make all my dreams come true here. Impossible to meet Mr. Right or find my dream job amidst a population of 138,000 and no skyscrapers.

Yet here I am. Successful publicist. Blogger. Madly in love.

My secret?

Bloom where you are planted.

Life, success, happiness. It’s not dependent on your geographical coordinates.

It’s what you do, who you meet, how you make it happen.

With a passion and the right tribe – your city limits have got nothing on you.


les mots is a weekly series that is published every monday morning @ 6:00am EST. To never miss a post, subscribe to the blog today.

Photo Credit: Yours Truly. Overlay created with Over App

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