The C List


Good Morning AND if you live in Canada – HAPPY LONG WEEKEND.

No matter the forecast, no matter what you have planned – there should be nothing but good vibes in the air this morning as we count down the minutes till the weekend gets started. For me, it means plans to be lazy, plans to see friends, and plans to hit up item one on my 2016 Summer Bucket List.

Which, by the way, is coming to the blog TOMORROW MORNING – Saturday, in case you’re not reading this on Friday – at 6:00am EST. It includes all the destinations and adventures I want to make happen this summer and it’s designed to inspire YOU to do exactly the same.


Because life is short and summer is even shorter.

Make a list of adventures and see just how many you can check off.

BUT that’s coming Saturday. Today, you get the freshest C List, picked with love.

1. How to Make Your Weeks Feel More Like the Weekend (via Cupcakes and Cashmere) I’m a huge fan of sunset hikes and dinners, especially now that summer is here and beach walks are just a 10 minute drive on the highway away.

2. 7 Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking Lemon Water Instead of Coffee (via Spoon University) No excuses. Start your day off with a little lemon water.

3. Fancy cat accompanies high school student to prom (via Mashable) This is just magical.

4. Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About Draining Your Savings To Travel (via Elite Daily) My favorite piece of this article, “The money we make, the notoriety we gain in the workplace and the number of material possessions we procure throughout our lives measure our earthly successes. But when we die – which at this point, is still inevitable – all of that earthly stuff has no meaning.”

5. The new season of Prison Break (via YouTube) Prison Break is back. Michael Scofield is alive. This trailer looks awesome.

6. The Once-&-For-All Guide To SPF (via Refinery29) Summer is almost here and that means sunscreen is a must! Ever wonder if the SPF in your makeup is enough to keep you covered? This article has the answer.

7. 25 Delicious BBQ Recipes Featuring Meat, Fish, Vegetables And Fruits (via Huffington Post)  Whether your long weekend is this weekend or next weekend, you’re going to want this list of BBQ recipes on hand. I’ll take one of those Mexican burgers now please.

Now, long weekend or not – go make it awesome.

AND don’t forget to come back tomorrow morning for my 2016 Summer Bucket List. I promise it will inspire YOU to make your very own.


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