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There’s this quaint little alley in Shediac (photographed above).

I first spotted it years ago and I’ve always been drawn to it. There’s nothing unique or different about it. Just an alley with red brick walls and patio lights strung from end to end.

In a town known for its beach, lighthouses, wharfs, sunsets and the world’s largest lobster – an alley isn’t exactly a hot photo spot.

And yet every time I drive by it, countless times every summer, I’ve wanted to stop and see it up close.

On Friday, I finally did and I got the Instagram perfect photo I’ve been dreaming about all of these years.

The point of my story? See the opportunity in everything and jump on it.

Thousands of tourists come to Shediac to pose with the giant lobster or at Parlee Beach.

Be that person that sees the beauty and the opportunity in a quaint little alley way.

And go for it.


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