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Good Morning and Happiest Friday Vibes!

Today is an extra special, extra awesome Friday. It’s six months since this happened and to celebrate, we’re getting out of the city for the night to stay at a five star hotel, minutes from the ocean and dining at a restaurant I’ve been dreaming of eating at since I was old enough to understand the meaning of fine dining. 

Needless to say, I’ve been bouncing around all week since D made the reservation.

Of course, before the weekend can officially get underway, here is this week’s C List – curated with love just for you!

1. Flights Will Be the Cheapest They’ve Been in 7 Years This Summer (via Brit + Co.) Are you ready to book some flights? Statistics are on your side.

2. Meet The Pilot Saving Puppies and Kittens From Canada’s Wildfires (via the Daily Beast) I shared this on Facebook earlier this week and days later, it’s still my favorite story of the week. In addition to dogs and cats, this guy saved a FAMILY OF HEDGEHOGS AND FISH. This man should be knighted and welcomed into saint hood.

3. Happy and Fulfilled: 10 Ways to Be True to Yourself and Still Succeed (via Inc.) My favorite part of this article, “Recognize that all boats rise together.”

4. Springs Hottest Breakout Novels (via Harpers Bazaar) Which will you read this spring or summer?

5. The Secret Ingredient That Will Make Your Salads Next-Level (via Refinery29) I want all of these, every day, all day.

6. Instead Of Renting An Apartment, Sign A Lease That Lets You Live Around The World (via FastCompany) If you’re able to do this, please go do this for all of us.

7. QUIZ: How Lady-Like Are You? (via Ella) From the lovely ladies at Ella – this quick and fun quiz will either tell you if you’re a lady or not. Spoiler: I’m not very lady like and I’m taking that as a win.

And that is it from me – have an amazing Friday and an epic weekend folks.


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