Guilty Pleasure of the Month – Netflix’s Flaked

Guilty Pleasure

Despite the fact that I have cable in my life again, I’m really a creature of habit and find having hundreds of channels to choose from daunting and to be honest – way too much work to find something worth watching. I naturally gravitate towards my old habit of putting on a movie or switching on Netflix.

Last weekend, while trying to wrap my head around the crazy week prior, I had one goal: rest and relax. Yes, that meant spending some quality time at the beach with D, but it also meant spending some quality time with my original boyfriend: Netflix. When I woke up to sunny warm skies on Sunday, I was in the mood for something set in California and next thing I knew, I was binging every single episode of Netflix’s Flaked in one. freaking. day.

Note: I did, in fact, leave the apartment to go to the beach for a few hours and get some sun. I promise. Photographic proof here and here.

Now, you should know that a few weeks earlier, D and I actually started watching Flaked late on a Friday night and I fell asleep during the first episode. He made it through three and declared it not his cup of tea. One would think I might have given up there, but again, sunny skies and a warm breeze through the window prompted me to give it another shot.

Well, thank God for that.

Yes, Flaked took a few episodes to get into, but once I stopped trying to compare it to Californication and stopped accusing Will Arnet of trying to be like David Duchovny’s character, Hank Moody, in Californication, I actually really started to fall in love with the absolutely broken and hot mess that are the characters on this show.

According to IMDB, Flaked is the story of “A self-help guru needs a decent amount of help himself.”  And for the first three episodes, I totally thought it was just that. Until next thing I knew, the characters were growing on me. Will Arnet went from trying too hard to be Hank Moody to being someone I think I enjoyed even more. Heather Graham, Kirsty Alley and McLovin (remember him?) make memorable guest appearances and Will Arnet’s love interest played my newcomer Ruth Kearney is endearing and loveable.

By the end of your Netflix binge, these characters will be on your mind 24/7. And along the way, I promise you there are some serious “Holy hell I did not see that coming.” moments. Trust me. I’ve rewatched the entire season at least once since my initial binge. True story.

So, before I go on and on even more about this show, do yourself a favor this weekend and check it out. The episodes are 30 minutes long and there’s only 8 episodes in the season. And then of course, when you’re done, come back and let’s talk about it. I have plenty of feelings to talk about.



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    1. Honestly, it was a second time’s a charm for me. When I tried the first time, I was tired, not in the mood to watch anything, and just not in the right mindset. Now, I’m totally hooked.

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