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Good Morning!

It’s Friday and with a sunny + warm forecast on the agenda for today (and some of the weekend), I’m beyond excited to soak up as much sun as I can get.

It was a busy week, but a lot of fun was had. We celebrated D’s birthday and the Onboardly crew welcomed the warm weather with our first patio lunch of the season. The first of MANY.

Now, to kick your Friday off right, here is this week’s C List! Curated just for you!

1. Vogue’s 73 Questions with Taylor Swift (via Mashable) I can’t decide what I love most about this – the questions, Taylor’s normal human responses, or her freaking house, which btw – whether you’re a Taylor fan or not, you should watch this for her house alone.

2. She Offered This Sloth A Treat, But He Wanted Something Else (via the Dodo) For the record, if I was this girl, I would be still be crying in the fetal position in Costa Rica. It’s your Friday dose of ah-dorable.

3. The Girl on the Train Official Trailer (via YouTube) Have you read the book? It’s on my weekend reading list and I cannot WAIT for the movie. I don’t think a thriller has gotten me this excited since Gone Girl.

4. How To Ripen An Avocado In Less Than Ten Minutes (via the Life changing. You’re welcome.

5. Adorable Little Girl Giving Her Favorite Garbage Man A Cupcake Is Too Cute (via Elite Daily) Brace yourself. This child is the sweetest thing to hit the internet this week.

6. This is How Much Sleep You Should Get for Your Age (via TechCocktail) No one is allowed to tell me I sleep too much ever again because 7-9 hours is completely acceptable. The internet said so.

7. 6 Habits of Consistently Happy People (via Power of Positivity) D’s mother shared this one with us and I immediately knew it had to be shared with all of you. I actively try to embrace all of these habits on the regular, but a reminder that these habits DO make a difference is always welcome.

And that is it for this week. Have an amazing weekend and if it’s going to be sunny where you are, soak up every last minute of it!



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