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Good Morning!

Happy Friday!

Happy Holy Moly It’s Starting to Feel Like Spring!

Nearly every morning this week, when I leave for work, the birds have been singing and the sun has been shining, and I’m reminded that very soon I’ll be publishing C Lists ocean side in the summer months and chasing sunsets at the beach with ice cream cones in tow.

As many of you know, summer is my season, and this year, I’m more excited for it than ever before. With a warm forecast in the mix for this weekend, I’m dying to take a drive out to the shore, just to get a taste of what’s to come.

Whatever you and yours are doing this weekend, here’s simply the best way to get your weekend off to the best start – the C List!

1. How to Save 16 Hours by Utilizing Sunday More Effectively (via Wagepoint) This post makes all kinds of sense – if you’re looking to optimize your week, this post is for you.

2. Maple-Sweetened Banana Muffins (via Cookie + Kate) A colleague brought these fresh baked muffins into work on Monday and it pretty much made the entire week. If you’re looking for a healthy banana muffin – look no further than this recipe.

3. Instagram is Ruining Vacation (via Back Channel) I’m guilty of doing some extra Instagraming when I’m on vacation, but this post really looks at the idea of getting the perfect Insta shot on vacation from both sides of the table. And it nails it.

4. You’re Doing It Wrong: The DIY Hack to Stop Blisters Forever (via Brit + Co.) This may or may not have just changed my life. You’re welcome.

5. Being tired isn’t a badge of honor (via Medium) The best quote from this entire piece:     “If you aren’t sure how important sleep is, think about this: You’ll die faster without sleep than you will without food.” Can everyone stop bragging about being tired? Let’s go back to being tired because we had way too much fun with friends the night before, ok? Ok.

6. Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik’s Wanton Weekend in Naples (via Vogue) Thoughts I had about either of these humans prior to this photoshoot: 0 Thoughts I had after: 10000000000. What a STUNNING photoshoot.

7. 19 Of The Coolest Bars To Get Drunk At Across Canada (via Buzzfeed) For my Canadians (and our visitors) – #1 on the list is my favorite Speak Easy and must visit bar every time I’m in Halifax visiting my best S. The cocktails are epic.

And that’s it for this week.

Have an amazing weekend!


If you haven’t already – check out my Book of the Month for all your reading pleasures this weekend! 

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