Book of the Month – Beautiful Boss


Look at me go! I actually read a book this month, which is pretty much a miracle in itself given we’re still unpacking from the move and work + life have been busier than I can even begin to describe.

But yes, I devoured and loved Beautiful Boss from the Beautiful Bastard series.

Now, to be fair, Beautiful Boss is a novella clocking in at 115 pages, but if you’re a fan of the world of Christina Lauren, it’s a novella that is simply a must.


As many of you know, Will and Hanna were always my favorites in the series – I regularly pick up and read my favorite chapters from Beautiful Player.

Beautiful Boss has at least one plotline every couple can relate to – engagements, weddings, job interviews, moving, fighting and making up. And I think that’s what makes it so perfect.

What I’ve always loved about Will and Hanna is that they’re incredibly relatable for us normal humans and the scenes in Beautiful Boss are just that – relatable and comfortingly so.

And did I mention that amidst the real life scenarios, there is enough juicy sex and perfect amount of sweet perfect love every level of romantic? Yes, yes there is.

So if you’re a fan of Christina Lauren and have already devoured most or all of this series, grab this novella, a bottle of wine, and let’s talk when you’re done.

Already read it? Let’s talk now.


Got a book I’ve got to read? I’ll add it to my Spring Book Pile

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