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Happy Friday you fine people you!

I don’t know about all of you, but for me, this week has been a busy one. With some event or exciting meeting every day of the week, I’m not quite sure where the week went but believe me when I say, I can’t wait for this weekend and a whole lot of sleep.

I’m also getting my hair done today which I’m SO excited about.

But for now, here is this week’s C List!

1. Melissa McCarthy Just Smashed Out The Most Epic Disney Lip Sync (via Buzzfeed) She SLAYS it. Definitely skip ahead to the last song. It is worth it.

2. 12 must-read books for everyone obsessed with ‘American Crime Story’ (via Mashable) If you’re currently in withdrawal, like myself, now that American Crime Story is done, here are some self-help interesting books to pick up. I’m totally snagging a copy of Marcia Clark’s “Without a Doubt.”

3. 65 travel experiences to have while you’re alive and breathing (via Bright Side) I’ve done a lot of these – personal favorites include “Relax in a cafe in Montmartre in Paris”  and “See a Broadway musical in New York.” But #65 is DEFINITELY a dream of mine that I hope to scratch off my list.

4. Lemon Birthday Cake Crumb Bars (via In the Land of Jamie) I know what I need to make this weekend.

5. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer (via YouTube) Confession: I didn’t know this movie was being made until this week but holy: when can I buy tickets?

6. 16 Magical Reasons Why You Should Throw a Unicorn Party (via Brit + Co.) So – who wants to come to my unicorn party?

Have an awesome weekend folks!


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