The C List


Good Morning and Happy Friday!

As many (or all) of you know, last weekend was not only a holiday weekend – D and I moved into our own apartment and needless to say, it has been an absolute whirlwind ever since. A whirlwind of boxes, boxes, more boxes and a good night’s sleep? What is that? If you’re so inclined, you can read all about our weekend here.

Needless to say, this weekend I am SO looking forward to getting some rest, in addition to unpacking and enjoying our new place.

Until then, here is this week’s C List!

1. I Drank A Shit Ton Of Water For A Month And I Still Don’t Look Like Gwyneth (via Buzzfeed) This is both interesting and hilarious.

2. Real-life Finn and Rey show off their own precious BB-8 (via Mashable) Star Wars fan or not, this may be the absolute definition of #familygoals

3. 17 cat photos taken at exactly the right moment (via Brightside) Love cats? You’re going to love this link.

4. Dog From Maternity Photo Shoot Poses Again With Her Perfect Puppies (via Dodo) The degree of cute in this post is off the charts.

5. 15 Life-Changing Beauty Hacks (via Huffington Post) The hack for making your lipstick last by Lauren Conrad is a personal favorite. I SWEAR by it.

6. 7 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Clean in Your Washing Machine (via Refinery29) Now that I have my own washer and dryer, I want to wash all the things. This is totally helping.

7. There’s A Way To Double Filter On Snapchat And It’s A Game Changer (via Buzzfeed) Snapchat addicts! You’re welcome.

Have an absolutely amazing weekend!


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