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Good Morning!

After what I like to call a Faux Friday yesterday, today kind of feels like a Saturday and it most definitely feels like a holiday which is awesome. Especially if your name starts with C and this weekend is something even more exciting than Easter weekend.

It’s MOVING weekend. It’s also eat all the mini eggs, squeeze family, and have dinner parties with friends weekend. Just for good measure.

I’m not going to even try to subtle. It’s been an emotional week. I blame the full moon.

So naturally, as I sit here in my bed and write this, I’m also allowing reality to sink in. This is my last night sleeping in the apartment I’ve called home for nearly five years. That bubble bath I just had? The last one. And it’s the last time Bella and I get to have the bed all to ourselves and hog whatever corners we want.

Let’s be honest, she sets the rules on who sleeps where and there is absolutely no rhyme or reason. 

But you know what? As sad as this could all be, I am so freaking excited to wake up to Bella AND D every morning. And our new place? It has TWO bath tubs to choose from for bubble baths. I am so incredibly excited for all of the perfect (and even the not so perfect) moments to come in this next chapter.

Of course, before I turn the page (and get moving!) here is this week’s C List with a bonus link, because, holiday.

1. Bloodline gets season 2 premiere date (via Entertainment Weekly) This news made my entire week. If you haven’t binged season one of Bloodline on Netflix, you have until May 27th. Get on that.

2. A Confident Hairless Guinea Pig Shows Off His Unusual Beauty in a Variety of Adorable Poses (via Laughing Squid) This is so fantastic. Thank you to Amy for sending this link my way – I’m still smiling!

3. 8 Ways To Use Coconut Oil In Your Everyday Beauty And Health Routine (via Huffington Post) I am obsessed with coconut oil and use it for pretty much everything from cooking to my beauty routine. It has changed my life as an eye makeup remove. Hands down, the best.

4. Setting the Table for Easter Dinner (via Jillian Harris) Are you hosting Easter dinner in your home this weekend? Here’s a little decorative inspiration to get you started.

5. 6 Kitchen Mistakes You’ve Been Making Your Whole Life (via Prevention) I’m turning over a new leaf – herbs are now going in mason jars.

6. 20 Bedroom Organization Hacks to Kickstart Your Spring Cleaning (via Brit + Co) I want ALL of these.

7. Old Navy Introduces ‘Stay-White’ Skinny Jeans That Repel Stains (via Huffington Post) All of my prayers have been answered.

8. Jimmy Kimmel airs Easter-themed episode of ‘The People vs. O.J. Simpson’ (via Mashable) This is GOLDEN.

Have an amazing Easter AND if you’d like to follow along in the moving process, follow me / add me on Snapchat stat! 👻  crystalcrichard


Did you catch my Product of the Month? It’s coconut perfection.

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