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Good Morning! Happy Friday!

I don’t quite know what it was about this week in particular, but it went by at lightning speed and I’m rather relieved. Work was crazy and I took a page from my Monday’s les mots and did something epic that I will be sharing with you very very soon! Needless to say, what’s an even stronger word for excited?

The weekend agenda includes a spa date with D and dinner + brunch with friends. It doesn’t get much better than that.

But before the weekend can begin, here are all the links I’m crushing on this week!

1. 10 Things People With Clean Apartments Always Do (via Refinery29)  I’m slightly obsessed with all of these tips. Which are your favorites?

2. Jennifer Garner Read “Go The F@#k To Sleep” And It’s Everything (via Buzzfeed) Honestly, this is everything and it’s one of the reasons I’m team Jennifer in the Bennifer break up.

3. The Ghostbusters Trailer is Here (via the Verge) I’m a huge fan of the original Ghostbusters. I mean, I have gone as a Ghosbuster for Halloween. But I wasn’t exactly sold on having an all-girl lead cast for the new one… I’m still not sure how I feel, but I’m open to giving it a shot!

4. Let Her Sleep In! Women Need More Sleep Than Men, Says Science (via Your Tango) Ladies and Gents: Science has spoken. Now give me 20 more minutes.

5. 14 Outdoor Pallet Furniture DIYs for Spring (via Brit + Co.) As some of you may know, I’m obsessed with pallet furniture. I have a pallet daybed on my patio and I have a pallet coffee table that’s amazing for entertaining or having tapas with the girls. Here is a little inspiration for you to make your own pallet furniture this spring!

6. Polite French bulldog kindly asks for his toy (via Mashable) This will be the cutest 15 seconds of your day.

7. Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar Street Art Appears in L.A. (via Hollywood Reporter) I couldn’t stay awake for the Oscars this year (damn Atlantic time zone) but it doesn’t mean I wasn’t thrilled for Leo’s big win. This mural is a pretty epic follow-up.

And that is it! Have an awesome weekend friends!


Did you catch my Guilty Pleasure of the Month? It’s my current television obsession and it’s a must! 

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