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theclistHappy Friday!

I don’t honestly know where this past week went and despite coming down with the winter cold that everyone seems to have had lately, I didn’t let a runny nose and general feeling of death stop me from keeping busy at work and taking the stage on Thursday to speak about social media and your brand at the Manufactured Housing Association of Atlantic Canada.

This weekend, I’m super excited to be attending an 80’s party and putting my costume together has been so much fun. Hint: There’s going to be some leopard prints.

Whatever plans you have this weekend, kick it off right and enjoy the following links, because here is this week’s C List:

1. Starbucks Changes Rewards Program (via Huddle) Say it ain’t so. If you’re spending less than $5 at Starbucks daily, this isn’t going to be good news for you and your Gold card.

2. 7 Easy LinkedIn Tweaks That Boost Your Web Presence (via Inc.) I’m all over the LinkedIn (connect with me here) but many of my friends have recently asked how they can up their own game on LinkedIn. These tips are just what you need!

3. Easiest Sign Making Tutorial Ever (via Front Porch Mercantile) I’ve been meaning to get to this local shop and always enjoy their posts – this one was no exception. I’d love to make an Gone Mermaiding one this summer.

4. Baby Pandas Snuggle with Mom at Toronto Zoo (via CBC) These are the kinds of videos D sends me and that’s why he’s the best. Cuteness overload.

5. The Ultimate Blogging Tips & Advice (via the College Prepster) I know some of you are new to blogging  or have just started thinking about blogging. Start by reading this amazingly in-depth list of tips and tricks by Carly A. Heitlinger – also known as the College Prepster. She knows what’s up.

6. Baby Sloths Get Bathed (via YouTube) Because you can never have too many baby sloths.

Have an awesome weekend friends!


PS: Did you catch my Product of the Month? It has literally changed my life. I swear. 

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