Guilty Pleasure of the Month


Little known fact: I really don’t watch a lot of TV. In fact, 2015 marked the year I cancelled my cable subscription, on account of the fact I could count the number of shows I watched in an entire year on one hand and buying season passes on Apple TV made WAY more sense.

But lately, because it’s winter (read: there’s nothing to do) I’ve found myself in front of a TV or Netflix screen way more than usual.  Together, D and I have binged a few new shows while watching a ton of episodes of some of his favorites that were new to me: Parks and Recreation and Archer. Both now loved by yours truly. Seriously. What was my life before Parks and Recreation?

Our latest indulgence? Netflix’s Jessica Jones. 

Now, this one took a little more convincing for both of us. I have a tendency to take forever to watch shows that everyone and their dog tells me to watch. We had just finished binging Mr. Robot, which, if you have watched Mr. Robot, you know how much of a trip down the rabbit hole THAT show is. It was an extremely hard act to follow, so when we decided to watch the Jessica Jones pilot, I’ll admit – we weren’t rushing to hit next episode when it was done.

It wasn’t that we didn’t like it, we just weren’t hooked in the way Mr. Robot hooked us after 10 minutes. Which, by the way, I realize this is a post about Jessica Jones but you should probably all go watch Mr. Robot in one weekend while you’re at it. Trust me on this one.

Where was I? Oh right. Jessica Jones.

Fast forward to a week later and our classic dilemma. Do we watch another Parks and Rec? We’ve cruised through about three seasons in the past month. Or do we try episode 2 of Jessica Jones? We landed on the second option and by the end of episode two – we were HOOKED.

If you haven’t watched Jessica Jones yet – please take it from someone who typically never listens to the hype around a show. I get it. You’re one of the cool kids that hasn’t watched Jessica Jones yet and that’s brag worthy. Hell, I was one of you two weeks ago until suddenly I wasn’t. So just trust me on this and you can thank me later.

Need more convincing? Other than how perfectly dark this show is, you’re going to love the character dynamics. From Jessica Jones friendship with her best friend Trish, to the few trysts I have seen so far – we’re only six episodes in. Plus, if you’re a fan of any other Marvel movies or comics, you’re going to love the subtle references to the Avengers and superhero universe.

So seriously. Just go watch it. And then we can all form a support group when we’re done. Ok? Ok.


Have you kissed a weekend goodbye to binge Jessica Jones? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me!  And if you haven’t already, make sure to check out last week’s Product of the Month! It’s a good one! 

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