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Moment of truth. I love getting my nails done as much as the next girl in line at the salon, but truth be told, I’m far too stingy (read: frugal) to pay to get my nails done regularly. That’s just who I am and the reality is, sometimes a girl must choose between regular trips to Starbucks or the nail salon. I will choose my Toffee Nut Non-Fat Latte any day.

All of this to say, I still love having my nails painted in an array of colors. In the winter, it’s reds or soft pinks. In the summer, it’s every color under the rainbow from corals to aquas. Because let’s face it, bright colors are a must with a great tan and sun kissed hair.

I’ve always done my own nails, but recently informed myself about the dangers of most drug store nail polish brands. I could get into all the terrifying facts, like skin cancer underneath your nail (yes, I see you all cringing) but instead, I’m going to share the most wonderful solution I’ve recently discovered to this growing problem of finding a SAFE but CHIP PROOF (key words here) nail color.

Enter Pacifica Natural Nail Polish.


Now, I realize I’ve shared several Pacifica products on here before and no, I receive nothing in return for spreading the Pacifica love. I’m just a HUGE fan of their product line, thanks to my best friend introducing me to their coconut water face wipes over a year ago. Read all about my love for them here.

The truth is – I continuously share this brand’s products because they’re simply amazing and the nail colors are NO exception. The first time I tried the polish, I did my nails in the evening before bed. The next morning, I did the dishes, vacuumed, did the laundry, hand washed intimates, did the dishes again, SCRUBBED MY FLOORS, and oh wait – did I mention did the dishes twice? This polish did NOT chip. At all. No top coat required.

Plus, they come in absolutely beautiful colors. Check them all out here.

Seriously, if you can’t find these locally – order online! If you’re in my area, visit your local Sequoia and pick up some colors today!


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