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Happy Friday!

As promised, the C List is back with a new look and extra links for your Friday morning reading pleasure.

Compiled with love and formatted with care – just for you! Here are the links I’m crushing on this week.

1. 25 Things Every Grown-Ass Adult Should Have (via Buzzfeed) Excuse me while I go purchase a fire proof box, hang some pictures and acquire matching hangers. I’ll tackle the other half of this list after.

2. 10 Breakfast-Making Tips Every 20-Something Should Know (via Refinery29) Whether you’re a 20-something or a 30-something or even a 40-something, this post will change the way you do mornings.

3. 2016 Oscars Nominations (via NY Times) While I’ve been less enthused about award season this year, hearing the Oscar nominations each year is always exciting. Who are your picks amongst this year’s nominees?

4. Amazing photos from the day Johnny Cash played Folsom Prison (via Mashable) If you’re a Johnny Cash fan like myself, you’ve got to check these photos out. Johnny and June Carter look absolutely timeless.

5. People Who Love Travelling Are More Likely to Succeed at Work (via Lifehack) Life is too short to stay in one place. Travel. And travel often.

6. Six Tips to Get Motivated to Work Out This Year (via Jillian Harris) I’m ashamed to admit that I hardly got any working out in, in December and with January kicking off with me feeling less energetic than ever before, it’s been a steady ride on the struggle bus to get back into it. That said, I took tip #1 on this and put it into action by putting two barre classes on my calendar for next week. Which tip (or tips) will you try first?

Now, have an amazing weekend and if you haven’t already, make sure to check out the first Recipe of the Month of 2016. Believe me when I say, you will want to make this for breakfast this weekend!


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