A Note on Rest

IMG_0934-2I know that many of you were expecting the first C List of 2016 today – bigger, better, and more bad-ass as promised in 2015. Trust me, I was SO excited to share it with you all today. But, as life goes, it turns out this publicist, blogger, hyper holiday perfectionist isn’t as immune to a burn out as she may like to think and my body not so kindly reminded me of that fact this week.

What does that mean? It means the C List WILL be back, bigger, better, and more bad-ass. You’re just going to have to wait one more week for its arrival! I promise – it will be totally worth it! In the meantime, I’m catching up on work and treating myself to rest, vitamins and more rest.

So take my advice and treat your own self to a little R&R this weekend! It’s good for the soul.

See you next week! And have an epic weekend.


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