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theclist_summer2015_coralHappy Friday! And happy it’s TWO weeks until Christmas day, you guys!!!!! 

Can you tell I’m excited for Christmas? Just a little bit?

This weekend I’m looking forward to all of the Christmas festivities – a Christmas-Elvis show at the casino Saturday night, a Christmas party with some of my favorite movie buffs on Sunday, and hopefully LOTS of Christmas shopping and baking getting underway. Throw in a date night tonight and it’s pretty much the best December weekend a girl could ever want.

Until next weekend of course because December weekends get progressively better as they move towards Christmas. Duh. 

But before the fun can begin, here is this week’s C List for you to enjoy with your Friday morning rum + egg nog… errr, coffee. I meant coffee.

1. Here Are The Biggest Moments On Twitter From 2015 (via Buzzfeed) Prepare yourself for a walk down memory lane of all things that went down in 2015. And yes, I’d almost forgotten about “the dress” too.

2. This Christmas Tree Farm Wedding Might Be The Most Perfect Wedding Ever (via Elite Daily) I have been following Sarah Vickers and Kiel James Patrick for years now, but can we all collectively agree  – this might be the most romantic winter wedding there ever was?

3. The Most Instagrammed Location In Every State (via Cool Material) Guilty as charged. I’ve instagramed many of these iconic spots.  Which have you posted with a valencia filter?

4. 17 best photobombs of 2015 (via Mashable) I mean, the turtle photobomb will rule for all time because #turtle, but there are some pretty great photobombs making up this list. And that Blue Lagoon one is fantastic.

5. The First Official Tarzan Trailer (via HelloGiggles) Can we all collectively agree that we are all forever in debt to the casting director that chose Alexander Skarsgård to play Tarzan?

6. 8-year-old burn victim just wants holiday cards for Christmas this year (via Mashable) Every year, I always try to find one or two stories in the news about children whose Christmas wish is to receive Christmas cards from all over the world. Sending and receiving Christmas cards is quite honestly, one of my favorite holiday traditions, so you can be sure Safyre will be getting a card from me and Bella this season! If you’re sending cards, why not add Safyre to your list this Christmas!

Have a very Happy Friday and a festive weekend! AND don’t forget to come back on Saturday morning to read all about Wild Nights at the Zoo!


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