Product of the Month Holiday Gift Guide

holidaygiftguideI’ve been fortunate to feature some pretty amazing Products of the Month on the blog – some sent in from readers, others gifted to me. They’ve all been so well received but I thought, seeing as it is the season for giving, why not feature some of my favourites as suggestions for those of you finishing (or beginning) your shopping this week!

While some of these are only available online, if you’re local, you can one or two of these, including this past week’s Product of the Month in town. For those that are online ONLY – please keep in mind shipping dates to ensure YOU get your goods before the 24th. Otherwise, it’s up to you to get in touch with Santa to make sure your gifts get here for Christmas morning!

And now, in no particular order, here are a few of my favorite products of the month that will make perfect Christmas gifts!

1. Vessel Coasters – Perfect for the nautical lifestyle enthusiast in your life, these coasters will absolutely delight yours truly on Christmas day. Read all about my love of these slide proof coasters that will make your home, apartment, or yacht on nautical point here.

Shop online here:

2. Tiny Devotions – Whether you’re shopping for a seasoned yogi or just someone that really appreciates great accessories, four months later I am still in love with my Tiny Devotions scarf.  Read all about my love for Tiny Devotions here.

Shop online here:

3. Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar Solid Perfume – If you’re looking for a stocking stuffer for the lovely lady in your life, may I recommend these little solid perfume tins! They smell amazing, are paraben free and organic, and will absolute delight the recipient on Christmas morning! Find out more about why I love this product here.

Shop online here: or locally in-store at Sequoia!

4. 30 Fathom Doormat – I personally have a number of nautical loving humans in my life, so naturally I’m always on the lookout for a great nautical gift. These doormats made from reclaimed fisherman rope are beautiful, unique, and a total conversation starter! They’ll also delight the ocean lover in your life this holiday season! Check out my post on these mats here.

Shop online here:

5. All the Pretties – My most recent Product of the Month has been a hit with all of you, as many of you have already ordered and received your own set of Pretties! Make someone smile and support a local artist this holiday season by snagging a few pairs of the pretties for all the women in your life! Read all about my love for this product here.

Shop online here: or locally in-store at SDV Vintage.

Now – ready, set, shop!

And if you have a product I should be featuring on the blog in 2016, send me a note! I’d love to collaborate!


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  1. I’d love to see what you think of my re-claimed copper jewelry Crystal! I am Mother of Metal on Facebook and set up every Wednesday at the Riverview Agora Market, 720 Coverdale Road in Riverview. I also have some pieces at Apple a Day Produce’s Artisan Corner 1467 Elmwood Drive.

    1. Oh, I would love to check out some of your products! Do you have a website or Facebook page I could check out? With the time of year, I may not make it to your locations, but I’d love to see what you’re doing before then!

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