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theclist_summer2015_coralHappy Friday!

It is one of my favorite Fridays of the year – the annual Antler’s Breakfast here in Moncton. If you’re local and reading this before 8am, you need breakfast, so you should probably head down to the Delta Beau for the perfect holiday event that gives back to local children’s charities! Details here.

This weekend, I’m looking forward to getting my Christmas cards written, decorating the tree and getting the apartment all holiday ready, but before the fun can begin, here is this week’s C List for your Friday morning reading pleasure!

  1. 25 Reasons Literally Nobody Cares About New Brunswick (via Buzzfeed) I may suffer from wanderlust and have big city skyline envy on the regular, but that doesn’t mean I’m not madly in love with my home province. This post perfectly demonstrates why New Brunswick is pretty damn amazing.

2. 10 Mistakes (Solo) Female Travelers Make (via Levo League) I’ve always loved travelling solo, but it’s not without a few extra travel precautions and considerations! If you’re planning to hit the road on your own, give this list a read!

3. Lady Gaga Says She Wants To ‘Explode As I Go Into My 30s’ (via Huffington Post) This article absolutely made my day when I read it. My thirties have honestly been some of the best years of my life to date and I agree with Gaga. You learn a lot in your twenties but your power and intelligence really starts to show in your thirties. This is a MUST read for anyone struggling with getting older.

4. This 20-Minute Workout Will Burn A Ridiculous Amount Of Fat (via Buzzfeed) The holidays are coming and that means parties, pastries, booze, and EGG NOG. I am totally stealing this 20 minute workout to get through the holidays alive.

5. FX Debuts First Official Trailer for ‘American Crime Story’ (Video) (via Hollywood Reporter) I’m rarely into criminal or law shows, but I’m so excited for this mini-series to air in 2016. I was too young to really grasp the OJ Simpson trial when it happened, so getting to experience it all with this stellar cast is going to make for great winter TV watching.

What links are you crushing on this week?


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