The C List


Good morning internet!

And to my Americanos – may you be on the road to recovery from all the turkey, stuffing, and pie.

This weekend is shaping up to be the most excellent kick-off to the holiday season, with multiple parties, a Christmas craft fair with my girls, and who could forget a brunch date on Saturday. Yes, this weekend will be awesome.

But before it can get underway, here are the links I’m totally crushing on this week!

  1. Sleepy meerkat takes a tumble off his rock (via Mashable) This could, actually, be the best 8 seconds of your day.
  2. 18 Gifts That Give Back To Causes Around The Globe (via Refinery29)  Tis the season for giving and if you’re looking to give back to more than just your family or squad, these gifts are for you.
  3. Women Knit Adorable Sweaters To Keep Rescued Chickens Warm (via Huffington Post) Warning: Chickens in sweaters may cause your heart to swell.
  4. Little hamster tucks himself in with a sleepy carrot snack (via Mashable) Date a guy who will show you cute videos of hamsters eating carrots in blankets on a Sunday morning. Trust me on this one.
  5. Are you more Taylor Swift or Adele? (via Buzzfeed) Not shockingly, I’m totally a Taylor. Let me know who YOU are more like in the comments or tweet me!

Have an AWESOME weekend folks.


Did you catch my Recipe of the Month? It’s totally going on your grocery list!

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