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Happy Friday beautiful internet people!

As many of you know, last night I went to see Mockingjay Part 2 and let’s just say that holy shit the tears they fell. I mean, I’ve been nuts about this series before there was even a movie in the works. Before I even knew who Jennifer Lawrence was.

WHAT? Yes. Serious stuff. Imagine a world where any of us didn’t know the power of the JLaw.

And now, all of these years, all of the flails, laughs, flails, tears, tears, tears, tears…. This is it. This is the end. And you know what? I stayed true to my Team Peeta ways until the credits rolled, ladies and gents. No disrespect Miley Cyrus.

So what did I think? Keeping this entirely spoiler free (fangirl rule 101) – I really liked it. I wanted to love it, I did, but I felt a lot of it was rushed, which shouldn’t be as they turned one book into two movies. I also felt that some pivotal (and let’s face it – sob worthy moments) were just too rushed or glazed over. But were the effects amazing? Oh yeah. Was the ending as perfect as I had imagined? Hell yeah. Do I still cry every time anyone does the Mockingjay salute or mentions Rue? 100%

And did I experience the same sense of “This is it, the series is over” and heavy-heart when it ended? Totally.

If you’re a fan of the series, it will do it justice. I promise.

And now, on a much lighter note, here is this week’s C List!

  1. How To Be Single – Official Trailer (via YouTube) Beyonce once said, “All the single ladies! Put your hands up!” and she was clearly trying to get your attention so that you could all watch this perfect trailer. Whether you’re single or not, Rebel Wilson is going to kill us all with laughter.

2. Scientists Made A 3D-Printed Wheelchair For A Puppy With Only Two Legs (via Buzzfeed) A puppy with two legs. Do I really need to say more, here?

3. Zoolander 2 – Official Trailer (via YouTube) It was a great week for new trailers, now can we all just agree that this will be the cinematic highlight of 2016? Thanks.

4. 5 quick career boosts you need today (via Career Contessa) Feeling a little less enthused about your career these days? This list is a must-read.

5.  Chocolate Cocktail Recipe (via My Style Vita) Americans! Your Thanksgiving is next week. Rest of the World! Christmas is practically tomorrow! This cocktail recipe is a must for anyone that loves to mix two of their favorite things: chocolate + booze.  And let’s face it, do you really need an excuse to drink chocolate? I didn’t think so.

What lists are you crushing on this week? AND if you are headed to the theatre to see Mockingjay Pt. 2 this weekend, please come back and tell me all your feels or tweet me @crystalcrichard!


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