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Happy Friday beautiful people!

It’s been an INSANE week and if you’ve caught any of my snapchats (đź‘» crystalcrichard), you’ve seen my frazzled face and questionable dinner choices. McDonalds drive-thru? Really Crystal? 

Considering I’ve been in bed by 9pm like clockwork every night this week (again, remember when “falling back” in the fall was the greatest thing ever? Adult Crystal says no, it’s not.) — I’m most looking forward to relaxing this weekend, especially following ALL the festivities from last weekend. From bachelorettes to Halloween shenanigans – I’m feeling the struggle of #thisis31 a little more lately.

Of course, with the arrival of the weekend comes the arrival of the C List. Here are the links I’m crushing on this week!

  1. 5 Easy Ways To Save Big Money At Sephora (via Refinery29) I’m a Sephora addict, so naturally I like to know all the ways to save big. If you love Sephora, this one is for you.
  2. 7 Great Alternatives to Photoshop to Create Graphics for Your Blog (via Nectar Collective) Calling all bloggers! PS: This includes one of my go-to favourites, PicMonkey!
  3. A Goat Came To Toronto And Everyone Lost Their Shit (via Buzzfeed) This will be the greatest and cutest thing you read all day. Pro tip: You must watch the video the goat getting off the train.
  4. You can now 3D print your cat a badass suit of armour (via Mashable) BRB. Getting a 3D printer so I can make Bella an equally badass suit of armour for this year’s Christmas card.
  5. This Dachshund Is Determined To Sleep With His Teddy Bear (via Mashable) Because even more cute animals never hurt anybody.

Have an awesome Friday folks!


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