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theclist_summer2015_coralHappy Friday friends!

If you’re like me, yesterday feels like it was just Monday and you’re probably scratching your head and thinking — oh my god! Where did Friday come from? But it’s here and it’s going to be awesome. Unless of course you don’t have plans to make it fun, in which case, might I make a few suggestions of things you can do right here? You’re welcome.

This weekend (much like last weekend) I have  October / Halloween festivities happening both tonight and Saturday night. Pumpkins and my FAVORITE cult movie are on the agenda, so make sure to check out my snapchat (crystalcrichard) and insta for an inside look on exactly what that cult classic is!

Until then, here are the links I’m absolutely crushing on this week!

  1. The new trailer for Joy (via the Hollywood Reporter) I’m so insanely excited for this movie, mostly because it stars Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper together again, but also because it just makes me fist pump with girl power every time I watch the trailer.
  2. Which Caplan Sister Are You Quiz (via Playbuzz) Are you a fan of the Hometown Player Series? I know you are, because I have SO many of you thanking me for introducing you to the Garrison brothers. Scratching your head? Read all my thoughts on One More Shot, right here, right now. Already a fan? Find out just want Caplan sister you really are! FYI: I was Jessie!
  3. ‘Back to the Future’ Writer: Biff Tannen Is Based on Donald Trump (via the Daily Beast) Are you a Back to the Future Fan? You’re going to want to read this.
  4. Heroic motorcyclist rescues tiny kitten stranded on busy road (via Mashable) No kleenex necessary – this video has a happy ending and this lady is 100% getting good karma for life.
  5. This 4-Year-Old Girl Is So Obsessed With CVS She Had A CVS-Themed Birthday Party (via Buzzfeed) I LOVE CVS (and Walgreens) and so naturally, this child is my spirit animal. Also she’s cute as a button.

And that’s it for this week friends.

Have a fantastic weekend and remember – if you eat your Halloween stash of candy a week in advance, there’s plenty more where that came from at the store ;)


Did you catch my Apples and Ghosts post on Wednesday? It’s basically the definition of October. 

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  1. Oh my goodness I can’t get over the little girl with the CVS themed birthday party. I love that there were pill bottles and a CVS adult beverage for the adults to enjoy…hilarious!

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