Apples and Ghosts


I remember a time when September rolled around, summer ended, and weekends went back to being wide open for Netflix binging and long naps on the couch. October has not been that month. I’ll try again in November.

That said, it has been one of the funnest months and I’ve had a chance to spend it with family and friends nearly every weekend. Last weekend, was no exception, as I crossed a few more items off my October Wish List!

The weekend started with a Friday night road trip to Dorchester to check out the Keillor Haunted House. Now, Dorchester is creepy enough on its own but throw in cloudy, rainy evening, falling leaves, and oh yeah – a haunted heritage house – and you’ve got an absolutely wicked night out with friends!

IMG_5809IMG_5810IMG_5812IMG_5813For the locals, YOU can pee your pants in terror too for the small price of $10 – proceeds go back to the house’s upkeep! Check out their Facebook Event for all the details – this coming weekend will be your last chance and I highly recommend it!

Next up, on Saturday morning I woke up early to enjoy every last bit of the beautiful fall day. After talking about how badly I wanted to go apple picking for the last ten years (or let’s be honest – since the invention of Instagram because we all know it’s about the apple picking pictures) — I finally got the chance to go with my mother who not only found us the very best trees to pick from but who was kind enough to snap some shots to compliment this blog post!

IMG_5814IMG_5815IMG_5820IMG_5817IMG_5818IMG_5819IMG_5821IMG_5822IMG_5823We finished the perfect morning with a dash through the corn maze which looked gorgeous set against the blue skies.

Again,  for my locals, if you’re looking to get apple picking before the season is over, head on out to the Belliveau Orchard in Memramcook! Details here.

That’s it for now, but we’ve got 10 more days until Halloween and my social calendar is looking all kinds of festive! There will be plenty more October snapshots before the month’s over!

What is your must-do October activity or day trip?


Did you check out my Guilty Pleasure of the Month post this week? It features not one, but TWO perfect television shows to scare you this month. 

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