Celebrating October

Note: Many things happen on Wednesdays. The plastics wear pink, we wish others happy hump day (which just sounds so wrong) and I usually post one of my four monthly series posts. Tonight, that was suppose to be a Book of the Month post BUT given the absolute busy month I’ve had doing all the awesome things with Onboardly and traveling – I haven’t picked up a new book in weeks. So instead you get THIS post. Kthxbai. 

I love October.

Next to the summer months of July and August, it’s one of my favorite months of the year. Which is totally why I made an October Wish List to ensure that not an item was missed! Thanksgiving is always extra special and this year, I was lucky enough to have friends home from all over to celebrate it with, including all the way from Australia!

Here are a few of my favorite snapshots from this perfect October weekend.

IMG_5639 IMG_5638IMG_5637IMG_5636IMG_5453IMG_5635IMG_5633As per my October Wish List, it’s not October unless you’ve visited a corn maze and shot-up some zombies with friends. We had a fantastic Friday night and braved the rain to hit up the Green Pig Country Market for a frightening good time. We then ended the night in true Canadian fashion – with hot poutines the size of our heads from the Big Stop.

IMG_5629IMG_5640IMG_5495IMG_5630IMG_5631IMG_5632IMG_5505This year, one of my bests and her husband hosted the first annual Friendsgiving. Complete with my favorite humans, some furry friends (in festive attire, I might add) and the newest mini-humans to join our squad – it was a perfect day with a lot of laughs and some really amazing food. Take note: you NEED to be adding a Friendsgiving to your annual traditions.

IMG_5627IMG_5626IMG_5625IMG_5568IMG_5565IMG_5591IMG_5622IMG_5624IMG_5623We’ve been hosting the family Thanksgiving at my parent’s cottage for the past few years now, some years we have a few more faces, other years it’s a bit more intimate, depending on who is travelling to where to celebrate. Though we were a smaller bunch this year, it was nevertheless a perfect day with amazing food, beautiful fall decor (I get all my DIY decorating talent from my mama!) and wonderful family.

Needless to say, Tuesday morning’s sunrise before I drove back to the city was the perfect end to an awesome weekend.

IMG_5621What did you do this Thanksgiving weekend? Leave a note in the comments below!


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