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theclist_summer2015_coralHappy Friday you beautiful people you!

For many of us, it was a rainy week and Hurricane Joaquin hasn’t even reared his ugly head yet. While weekend outfits will surely entail Hunter Boots and umbrellas, I’m beyond excited to celebrate a squad member’s birthday, finally squeeze another member home from Australia AND sing some karaoke. If there was ever a reason¬†to add me on snapchat – karaoke would be it.

Before the weekend fun can get started, here is this week’s C List! Fresh off the press!

  1. Diabolical little girl held an owl and the Internet had a Photoshop field day (via Mashable) This made my entire week. You can thank me later, but first: let’s all thank photoshop.
  2. Why I Change My Tampon In Front Of My Children (via Refinery29) This fantastic piece was written by someone I’m lucky enough to call a friend – the incredibly talented Kate Spencer! Ladies! If you’re a mother this is such an important read. Even if you’re not a mother (like myself) you will find this so powerful.
  3. New Starbucks Fall Drinks Include Candy Corn Pear Cider Americano (via YouTube) If you’re a Starbucks fan, you’ll appreciate this. If you love making fun of us Starbucks addicts, you’re going to LOVE this. I promise.
  4. Sloths are so talkative! (via YouTube) Look. If you watch ONE video all week – it needs to be this video and you need to watch it until 1:20min. I have been sitting here watching the last few seconds on replay all night.

Have an awesome weekend! AND come back on Saturday for my “Hug a Cactus” Arizona post! It features some of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken!


Did you catch my Product of the Month? I’m in love and want you to fall in love with all things Tiny Devotions too!¬†

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