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bookofthemonth_september2015Note: This post is 100% spoiler free!

I don’t always plan my Book of the Month in advance, but when I do – it’s because Christina Lauren have a book coming out, and if anyone can get me to read a book in its entirety in under 24 hours. It’s Christina Lauren. Or Victoria Denault, because we all know how much I love to talk One More Shot!

Yesterday, Christina Lauren’s latest novel – Dark Wild Night – came out and naturally, I hauled ass to the bookstore to pick up a copy and came home to devour it.

Dark Wild Night is the third book in their addictive Wild Seasons series – you may remember me raving about Sweet Filthy Boy and Dirty Rowdy Thing.

Heads up: You’re going to want to read these two before Dark Wild Night!

Book three is ALL about Oliver and Lola and let me tell you – I L-O-V-E Oliver and Lola.

Sweet Filthy Boy was always my favorite in the Wild Seasons series. In fact, I’ve read it several times, including a re-read on my trip to Paris last September.  But as much as I love Ansel and Mia’s story, there is just something about getting inside Oliver’s head from his POV in this one that will have your stomach doing constant backflips.

And Lola? Well, Lola is just the perfect mix of ambitious and gutsy, but sweet and endearing. She is incredibly relatable in many ways, which is what makes their story so perfect and so flail inducing. We not only want to be Lola, but she is our people.

Lastly (because this is the most important thing, right?) in true Christina Lauren fashion, Dark Wild Night is ALL kinds of WILD. It’s a bit of a slow burn (but isn’t every book a slow burn after you’ve read their first novel – Beautiful Bastard?) but I promise you that it is a slow burn, that is so worth it.

If you’ve already fallen in love with any of Christina Lauren’s perfect characters – you’re truly going to love Oliver and Lola’s story.


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And make sure to check out this awesome interview with Christina Lauren on Buzzfeed! It’s a fantastic read! 

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