Scenes from a Labor Day Weekend

There is something bittersweet about Labor Day Weekend.

I’m the last person that wants to see summer end, but with Labor Day parties and lobster + corn boils comes the reality that summer is coming to an end and for many – it kind of feels like a new year is beginning. I mean, Kate Spade planners DO start in August for a reason, right?

So how does one shake it off? By having the best Labor Day Weekend under the sun. By eating all the food, drinking all the wine, spritzers, and cold coronas, and by enjoying as many end of the summer swims as one can. Soak up every last drop of sun and salt water.

For one last time this summer, here are my favorite scenes from a perfect weekend.

IMG_4254 I’m not even gonna try to lie – I kicked off the weekend with a wicked slice of pizza from jack’s

IMG_4253 remember how I said fall is coming? the local market is already there

IMG_4177 heading to the local wharf to get fresh caught lobster, right off the boat

IMG_4252 local fishermen serving it up fresh

IMG_4251 got lobster?

IMG_4206 from the boat to this waterfront dinner view

IMG_4205 september sunsets

IMG_4250 another day, another boil – this time it was all the local corn

IMG_4249 family labor day weekend party = the very best food. we know how to eat

IMG_4248 labor day coffee on the deck

IMG_4247 from the ocean: land views

IMG_4240 the absolute best way to spend labor day

IMG_4246 cottage cat demonstrates how to do labor day right

IMG_4245 ending the weekend on the perfect note

IMG_4268found these on the bottom of the ocean #mermaiding

IMG_4271thunderous evening skies

IMG_4270when you can go swimming at 7pm in september? summer – you were stellar

And that folks, is it for the last Scenes from the Weekend post of the summer.

Stay tuned for new series content coming to the blog VERY soon.


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