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theclist_summer2015_coralHappy Friday!

It’s been an incredible week and the response from both of my Grand Manan posts has been UNREAL. I promise that I’m actively working on responding to all of the comments, emails, and notes from new followers and readers! Every single one has been SO appreciated and I’m thrilled to hear that these posts have made it as far as China! It’s such a special island, it deserves the international love.

Now, with a long weekend¬†upon us, I’m looking forward to a lot of R&R on the ocean with a Labor Day lobster boil. Because, weekends are for lobster – am I right?

In the meantime, here are my favorite links from this week!

  1. Inspiration for your Mantle (via Almost Makes Perfect) I have been dreaming of experimenting with some succulents in my apartment this fall and I am crushing on this look on the mantel, but instead as a centre piece for my dinner table as suggested here.
  2. You need to check out Japan’s Street View for cats right meow (via Mashable) If you’re a cat lover, you can’t not check this out. Just sayin.
  3. How To Generate Blog Post Ideas When It Feels Like Your Brain Is Broken (via Nectar Collective) For all my fellow bloggers – this post is a must, because let’s face it. We’ve ALL been there.
  4. Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams Video (via YouTube) First of all, thank you Taylor for casting Scott Eastwood in this video. Second, GOOD ON YOU for donating all proceeds from the video to wild animal conservation efforts. You go girl.

Have an amazing Labor Day weekend and make sure to come back Monday night for the last Scenes from the Weekend post of the summer! I know, I’m sad about it too.


If you haven’t already, make sure to check out Grand Manan Part One and Grand Manan Part Two for all the pretty and nautical perfection from last weekend. Makeup fanatic? You’ll love my Product of the Month. Lastly, make sure to subscribe to the blog over on the right to never miss another post again!¬†

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  1. Crystal your pictures of Grand Manan were absolutely beautiful.One of my favorite places to visit but unfortunately did not make it there this year but you captured it so well.I am sitting here at the cottage with a smile reflecting on our visits to this wonderful Island and your pictures have taken me to many of our favorite spots .Well done .

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