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productofthemonth_september2015This month, the product I’m absolutely crushing on is a beauty product that I discovered after watching far too many YouTube celebs talk about their favorite products. Yes, I’m very impressionable like that.

While I love a matte finish when it comes to my makeup, I’ve never been a fan of using foundation over the entirety of my face – no matter how great the color match is. That said, I still want a full, polished glow on my skin that traditionally, only a full face of foundation could provide. Enter Tarte’s BB Cream – available at Sephora.

This super (and I mean super) lightweight formula goes on smooth and covers every inch of my face before I apply my foundation. Then, when I dab some foundation underneath my eyes and on my cheeks, chin, and nose – a quick blend of the minimal amount I’ve applied, coupled with the BB Cream, results in the perfect coverage and the perfect glow.

The best part? On days where I don’t feel like doing my makeup, I’ll just moisturize and add a layer of BB Cream and I’m ready to go! Previously, I swore by tinted moisturizers but I still didn’t find they offered the effortless coverage that BB cream does.

So if you’re looking for great coverage + the magic trick to getting your makeup to stay up – visit your nearest Sephora and hit the Tarte stand! I promise you’ll love the results!


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