Scenes from the Weekend

Hello and welcome to the newly revamped blog!

No, you’re not crazy. Things are looking pretty different around here, and while this overhaul wasn’t planned or scheduled to happen this weekend, it’s been in the works for the past few weeks and I was just waiting for the perfect time for a few keystrokes and VOILA!

I hope you like it. I mean, let’s be honest, I hope you love it.

And now, just a few of my favorite shots from this weekend. If it could be summed up in just a few words, I’d say it was a weekend of many rainbows (thank you crazy humidity and unpredictable rain showers) squad time (so many of my best friends in one city, so many laughs) and nautical baby showers (because our girl squad has a new little sailor joining us in September).

IMG_3376friday night rainbows

IMG_3375 puppy selfies with sophia

IMG_3332 laughs – so many laughs
IMG_3343 nautical baby shower

IMG_3355 baby p wore her nautical best

IMG_3353 the beautiful mommy to be

IMG_3351 the most amazing nautical themed macaron spread – clam shells & pearls

IMG_3356 nautical devilled eggs

IMG_3359 baby p inspecting my tess + olivia bling

IMG_3374 our squad is growing  – newest mini member arriving in september

I hope your weekend was all kinds of wonderful.

Have an awesome week!


Make sure to come back on Wednesday for my Guilty Pleasure of the Month. Hint: It’s currently playing in theatres! On Friday – I’m heading to Grand Manan Island for the weekend, so prepare for ALL the picturesque, nautical photos in next week’s Scenes from the Weekend! 

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