Scenes from the Weekend

The only thing greater than a long weekend, is a long weekend with the absolute perfect company. A few weeks ago, when one of my best friends and I first started trying to plan a weekend for her to visit from Halifax and stay at the beach with me, the same sentence kept being repeated: let’s just hope we get great weather. Well, I can now tell you with absolute certainty that three perfect days with perfect weather were had. Throw in a beautiful country wedding in the most spectacular barn on Sunday night and a beach day on this holiday Monday (just for good measureand it was truly the most amazing weekend.

IMG_2702 east coast mermaids

IMG_2712 dinner out – tropical drinks a must

IMG_2721 then came the caesars

IMG_2946blue moon on the water

IMG_2945photoshoot laughs

photo-2more photoshoot laughs

IMG_2944 nature – you’re so pretty

IMG_2943 saturday nights are for lobster and clam boils

IMG_2939 brunching in seaside towns

IMG_2941 the shediac bay fog – a must at Auberge Inn Thyme

IMG_2942IMG_2829 IMG_2940we accept the brunch we think we deserve

IMG_2938a little floating never killed nobody

IMG_28773 perfect days with this perfect human

IMG_2912congratulations to the bride & groom – stunning reception

IMG_2900country star Brett Kissel and his band take the stage and serenade the bride

IMG_2937this little guy landed to say hello

IMG_2948sunday night ice cream pilgrimage

Weekend – thanks for the perfection.


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