Guilty Pleasure of the Month

guiltypleasureofthemonth_july2015This month’s Guilty Pleasure is one that you can enjoy for free if you have a Netflix account – or if you’re one of my best friends, family members or my cat that is the proud owner of my login and password. I’m talking about Wet Hot American Summer.

Why you’ll love it: it’s hilarious, it’s raunchy, it takes place at summer camp, it features twenty-year olds playing high school camp counsellors.

Need more convincing? It has stars before they were famous like Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd, Bradley Cooper, and Elizabeth Banks.


Released in 2001, it was a total box office bomb. NO ONE got the humor at the time. Then of course, some of its cast (like my future husband Bradley Cooper) went on to become Oscar nominated actors.

AND bonus! A prequel (yes, you read that right and yes – the actors are playing the same age but are all 15 years older in real life) is being released as a Netflix Original this Friday, July 31st with all of the original cast + Kristen Wigg, Chris Pine, Michael Cera, and John Hamm joining. So you can start by watching the original and then binge all eight 30 minute episodes of the new one this weekend.

Your productivity can curse me later.


Have you watched Wet Hot American Summer? Who was your favorite star in it? Tweet me or leave a note below! And if you’re planning to binge the remake this weekend – let me know! We’ll have to discuss!

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