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theclist_summer2015_coralOh, Happy Happy Friday!

While I may have spent part of last weekend in Montreal (it was awesome) I’m so excited to spend most of this weekend in the city taking part in one of my favorite couple’s wedding festivities! Yes, you may see one, two, three or more Snaps or Instas with a beautiful bride on her special weekend over the next three days – I’m just SO excited for their big day.

But before the wedding fun begins, here is this week’s C List and kicking it off, is the trailer I can’t stop watching.

1. Mockingjay Pt. 2 Official Trailer (via YouTube) A friend texted me minutes after this dropped and said she was actually in tears, which then led me to have expectations through the roof before I’d even found the YouTube link. And then I watched it, and I flailed, and I cried, and I experienced every feeling I’ve had since I first read these books. I am so not ready for this series to end.

2. She Doesn’t Need You: Why Everyone Is Afraid Of An Independent Woman (via Elite Daily) I’m not afraid to admit that yes, it’s been awhile since I’ve been in a relationship that lasted more than several months. And while it’s easy to assume that’s because I’m fussy or have high standards that can never be met, it’s actually much simpler than that. It’s because I know that I don’t need a man to survive, so why settle? This article truly nails it, in so many ways, but especially this: “While an independent woman soulfully craves the arms of love as much as the next girl, she doesn’t require affection to sustain her. If you fall in love with an independent woman, and she loves you back, it’s because she wants you — not because she needs you. And that is the purest love of all.”

3. Compassionate dog friend comforts cat friend during scary thunderstorm (via Mashable) This is one of the cutest things I’ve seen all week. You’re welcome.

4. 15 Best Things About Being Close With Your Mom (via Cosmopolitan) This one’s for you Mom – you nail all 15 of these.

5. The Unbelieveable Present-day Value of These 13 90’s Toys Totally Validates My Hoarding (via Movie Pilot) Honestly, I own SO many of these but most proudly, I own a Talkboy and you could NEVER convince me to sell that. Ever. Ok maybe for a million dollars.

That’s it. That’s all.

Have an awesome weekend folks! And don’t forget to come back on Sunday night for my Scenes from the Weekend!


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4 thoughts on “The C List

  1. I love the quote you highlighted about being an independent woman. 100% YES!!! I told Corey long ago that I didn’t need him because I was doing fine taking care of myself. But I wanted him, and to me, that was all the more telling. :)

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