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bookofthemonth_july2015It’s that time of month again, where I reveal my pick for book of the month!

While I’ve been reading quite a few different novels this summer (thanks to my Books in my Beach Bag summer series) I couldn’t just ignore Book of the Month, now could I?

This month’s book is Grey by E.L. James

For any of you who are all about Christian Grey, this is the perfect summer read. While I’ll admit that I’m not as nuts about it as I am the original series, it does bring a certain je ne sais quoi to the table. For starters (and in case you’ve been living under a rock) – Grey is the exact same story as the first book in the Fifty Shades of Grey series, except it is told from Christian’s point of view.

Yes, let that digest. If you thought Christian was a bit overbearing and possessive from Ana’s POV, then yes – he’s a little intense when you’re experiencing his encounters through his mind. That said, in some cases, it was also really hot to hear exactly what he was thinking.

His inner monologue is much better than Ana’s inner goddess bullshit.

Another perk? You get to see quality time with Christian and other characters such as his brother Elliott that you don’t get in the original three books. I love his brotherly relationship with Elliott.

So while I did find it harder to get into Grey, I think that it was only because the story wasn’t new – it was only a new perspective. And if Christian is your kind of man? It’s a perspective worth reading.

Have you read Grey? What did you think? Leave me a note or tweet me!


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2 thoughts on “Book of the Month – Grey

  1. I read Grey. I liked the 50 books, but enjoyed Christian’s voice more than Ana’s. Grey was well-written, less redundant, had better editing; basically shared none of the issues I had with the other books.When I was just a few pages in, I noticed that the quality of writing had greatly improved. Christian sounded like the intelligent billionaire and his view of the spanking scenes was of particular interest to me since, when I read them from Ana’s POV, I was screaming, “This is abuse!” But when I read those scenes from Christians perspective, it did not feel that way. He came off as just a clueless guy making the huge the mistake of taking Ana at her word rather than her actions.
    Great book and review. Thanks!

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