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Note: This post is entirely spoiler-free! 

Well hello there, you beautiful beach bag toting, book loving people.

Today, I’m kicking off the first of several Books in my Beach Bag posts of the summer and I’m kicking it off with one that I happened to stumble upon on a vendor’s table at the local farmer’s market. Signs that say Books $1 are somewhat of a homing beacon for me, so naturally I had to stop and see what assortment she had, which is how I ended up with Nora Robert’s the Reef tucked in my bag as I left that day.

Now, this was my first Nora Roberts novel, though I realize everyone and their grandma has read Nora at some point in time. I’ll admit, I was a wee bit hesitant about reading a book by an author rocking shoulder pads in her author headshot on the back cover, BUT I’m glad I took a chance on it because it really didn’t disappoint.


The Reef is about two families – the Beaumonts and the Lassiters – and set over two periods of time. It kicks off when the leading lady, Tate, is 19 and in her first year of university, studying marine archeology. Right off the bat, as someone who had planned on pursuing marine biology for the first twenty years of my life, I was hooked on that alone. Tate and her treasure hunting parents are diving off St. Kitts in search of a missing wreck, when they run into a charming uncle and his stubborn (but sexy) nephew Matthew who immediately becomes drawn to Tate.

Now, my second hook was treasure hunting. I was raised on the Goonies. Into the Blue is one of my favorite movies. I am ALL about sunken ships, pirates, and treasure. Throw in romance and treasure hunting? Sold.

The two families decide to team up and search for the treasure together until shit hits the fan, drama occurs, and well, I am not going to spoil it for you.

While the first part of the book focuses on the young love between Tate and Matthew, the second part of the book fast-forwards to eight years later when Tate is a grown woman with more fire in her than she had at 19, and Matthew is determine not to let her swim off again. See what I did there? Ocean jokes, you guys!

If you like mystery, the deep blue sea, pirates, treasure, tropical destinations and most importantly, a little romance – may I highly recommend the Reef for your summer reading pleasure.

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Happy Saturday!


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