Scenes from the Weekend

Hello fellow bloggers, beach bums, and all other lovelies.

Before I dive into this week’s Scenes from the Weekend, just a quick update on this summer’s Books in my Beach Bag series. While I thought I was super organized and ahead of the game, it wasn’t until I was scheduling the first post in the series for next Saturday that I realized, next Saturday is not, in fact, July 11th.

July 11th was yesterday. Oops.

So. Simple change of plans. For those of you excited to follow my Books in my Beach Bag series this summer, come back next Saturday (July 18th) for the first post. For all the other books, please refer to the dates below or check out my Rules of Summer post for the updated schedule!

revised-booksinmybeachbag-summer2015Let’s just all blame this little slip up on too much sun, ok? Ok.

This weekend was all about R&R after ending a crazy week on Friday and ahead of this week’s trip to Montreal and Startup Fest. Though our summer took a little longer than usual to come around, the ocean was finally warm enough for me to enjoy a few refreshing swims and both times, I brought back a lovely feast of fresh bar clams to steam and snack on later.

Here are just a few of my favorite snapshots from the weekend!

IMG_2074 sophisticated cottage cat

IMG_2020 delicious lunch: greek yogurt, watermelon, cucumbers, sunflower seeds drizzled with coconut balsamic vinegar

IMG_2024 toes and boats

IMG_2028 went for a swim, came back with a snack

IMG_2030 saturday evening’s feast

IMG_2058 another day, another haul

IMG_2070 happy as a clam

Have an awesome week!


Don’t forget to come back on Wednesday night for the July Recipe of the Month. It’s perfect for summer BBQs.

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