Rules of Summer (and Books in my Beach Bag!)

Spoiler Alert: I am ALL about summer.

I know, shocking right? You didn’t see that one coming. And here I thought my nautical lifestyle, East Coast mermaid ways, beach filled Instagram or overuse of the anchor emoji were dead giveaways.

Joking aside, summer is incredibly short here on the East Coast and while we’re blessed with little over two months of sunny, beach days (when rain, wind, or clouds don’t get in the way) — we can all agree that summer is short and we need to make the most of it.

Which is why last summer, I shared my 2014 Rules of Summer. A guide on how to live summer to the fullest, if you will. I’m proud to say, I obeyed every last one of those rules and lived last summer with zero regrets. This summer, I’m bound and determined to do it all over again.

So without further rambling, here are this year’s Rules of Summer.


Rule 1. Rock beach hair with absolutely zero care. As demonstrated above – details on where to snag this adorable tank for yourself to follow! 

Rule 2. Get sand everywhere.

Rule 3. Embrace the sea: from the salt to the seafood. Indulge.

Rule 4. Never say no to s’mores at a bonfire. Or bonfires in general.

Rule 5. Don’t think twice about driving to the beach for a sunset. You’ll be glad you did.

Rule 6. Ice cream is calorie-free. All summer long. Pass it along.

Rule 7. Learn to make an epic summer cocktail and make it for your friends. Often.

Rule 8. Plan at least one epic road trip. You’ll end up taking more, guaranteed.

Rule 9. Do cartwheels in the sand as if no one is watching.

Rule 10. Read whatever you want. Summer is all about guilty pleasures, so pick up that smutty novel you’ve been dying to read.

Rule 11. Selfie often. Instagram daily. Snapchat every moment. Stories and snapshots are contagious.

Rule 12. From last summer, but a classic: Remember that a suntan is earned, never bought.

And to celebrate the Rules of Summer AND the July 4th weekend – I’m kicking off this summer’s Books in my Beach Bag series! Come back every second Saturday starting July 18th for thoughts and feels on my latest summer read.

Want to follow along?  Here’s a look at the books I’ll be reading and when to hear all of my juicy thoughts!

revised-booksinmybeachbag-summer2015What are your rules of summer?  What books are in your beach bag? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!


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