The C List


Ocean spray. Hot summer days. Steamy reads. Beach hair and coconut skin.

These are just a few of the things I’ve been enjoying since Tuesday night as I celebrate a 5-day long weekend (#vacation) on the ocean.

Here’s just a glimpse…


And if you follow me on Snapchat, you may have caught me giving a behind the scenes look at the next Recipe of the Month, coming to the blog on July 15th and perfect for summer BBQs. Want to know what I cooked? Add me on Snapchat: crystalcrichard – my snap story will be up until Friday evening!

But for now – here are the links I’m totally, madly in love with this week!

1. 5 Ways to a Summer Glow – Without the Sun (via Jillian Harris) I am a sun worshipper and have been all my life, but I know a lot of ladies who try to avoid the sun and its propensity for longterm damage. These are five great tips to rocking a summer glow, without the skin damage.

2. The Perfect July 4th Cookie Recipe (via In the Land of Jamie) Shoutout to the incredibly talented JHiggs – she posted this recipe on Instagram and though I’m not American, I’m pretty tempted to make these cookies over the weekend in honor of all of you lovely Americans out there!

3. Snapchat Secrets to Take Your Snapping to the Next Level (via The Verge) I thought I knew every Snapchat trick. Nope, not even close. Check this link out and start bringing your Snapchat A-Game. New to Snapchat? Add me: crystalcrichard

4. 25 Reasons Why You Should Absolutely Visit The Maritimes This Summer (via Buzzfeed) I mean, I’m biased, because I live here, but if you needed any number of reasons why the Maritimes are a must-visit: here are 25 great ones. Warning: We eat A LOT of lobster.

5. The last (and most amazing) trailer for Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp (via The Daily Beast) For real, I’m going to need someone to a) hold me until July 31st and b) watch all 8 parts with me and flail, laugh, cry, and drink cheap champagne, tequilla, whatever with me.

Have an awesome weekend!


Did you catch my Guilty Pleasure of the Month? If you’re a sucker for love or just a fan of reality TV, go check it out!

And – BIG ANNOUNCEMENT – make sure to come back TOMORROW (Saturday) for my official Rules of the Summer! They were a hit last year and they are not to be missed this year! 

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