Scenes from the Weekend

Following hot, wild Miami nights last weekend, a relatively low-key weekend on the shore was much needed.

I kicked it off with a little entertaining in the city on Friday evening, tapas and raspberry spritzers, before hitting the moonlit highway to come to the shore for the rest of the weekend. From Father’s Day lobster feasts to summer bonfires and walks on the beach dunes – it was the perfect family weekend.

Here are a few of my favorite snapshots from the weekend.

IMG_1185friday night entertaining

IMG_1192 friday evenings in the city, saturday mornings on the shore

IMG_1198 couldn’t resist stopping to take in this view at the seaside market

IMG_1209 father’s day feast

IMG_1214 get tiki

IMG_1227 million dollar view

IMG_1278 introducing: volcano log

IMG_1276 sundays at the dunes

IMG_1268 dune life

IMG_1274 driftwood find

IMG_1271 happy father’s day dad

I hope your weekend was equally fantastic!


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