The C List

theclist_summer2015headerIt’s Friday and I am so looking forward to packing the car and spending some of the weekend on the ocean. While last weekend was full of fun in the city, I made sure to get my movie viewing in early this week by seeing Entourage on Thursday night (it was awesome) so that I could have zero agenda for the weekend: only sun, sand, and some quality time with my Macbook.

Because I’m off to Miami in less than a week, this weekend is all about working hard to get ahead on all of the things, for optimal fun in the hot Miami sun on South Beach next Thursday through Sunday. Life, is pretty freaking wonderful right about now.

But before the weekend can truly begin, here are this week’s top picks for the C List.

1. The Everest Trailer (via YouTube) After seeing San Andreas last weekend and being beyond stressed out for two hours, I didn’t think a movie could cause much more anxiety than that. Everest just stepped up to the challenge.

2. E.L. James Announces “Grey” (via TIME) Grey is the same story as Fifty Shades of Grey but told from Christian’s POV, being released on June 18th. It also proves that I will pretty much buy anything this franchise puts out.

3. How to Live Like Audrey Hepburn (via Refinery29) Whether you’re trying to recreate her famous Breakfast at Tiffany’s apartment or the bachelor pad she made home in Roman Holiday – this post will show you everything you need!

4. One More Shot – the book you need to read this summer! (via Amazon) This incredibly hot read was written by a dear friend of mine. I may be biased but believe me when I say – I couldn’t put this book down. And I don’t even like hockey. I’m a horrible Canadian, I know. If you’re looking for a book to add to you summer reading list – this one is it. And make sure to let Victoria know just how much you loved it over on Twitter: @booksbyvictoria!

5. How To Unplug When Your Job Is To Be Always “On” (via Just Haves) Quick shameless plug! If you’re a busy professional who finds it difficult to achieve work+life balance, please check out my latest post on the Just Have’s blog with tips & tricks to unplug when your job is to always be on! It was such a fun post to write and I’d love to hear your thoughts!

And that’s it from me!

Have a wonderful Friday and an amazing weekend.


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