Guilty Pleasure of the Month – Aloha


This month’s Guilty Pleasure? A movie now playing in theatres that left me giddy and full of love after seeing it — despite what the critics have been saying.

Aloha was one of those movies I’ve been dying to see since I first saw the trailer. It was one of those trailers that I then proceeded to watch on repeat, over and over again because it was just that good. I was sold at Hawaii (where the entire movie takes place) but then throw in a member of my Top 5 — Bradley Cooper — followed by Emma Stone, Bill Murray, Rachel McAdams, John Krasinski and more… Well, you had me at Bradley Cooper.

While I’ll admit, I can see why the critics hate it — the premise is a tad weird and yes, there could have been more Hawaiians in a movie that takes place in Hawaii — it’s the characters and their chemistry together that really sold me on this movie. They are the reason I recommend the movie to anyone¬†looking for a feel good movie with some of Hollywood’s best involved.

And did I mention Bradley Cooper?

Have you seen Aloha? I’d love to hear what you think, so leave me a note below!


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