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bookofthemonth_may_2015It seems like just yesterday that I was sharing my first Book of the Month post for Ugly Love and now here we are and I’m writing the next one. If I can take a moment to be incredibly sappy, I have to say thank you, thank you, thank you for all the mad love you’re all sending my way for each monthly series. They’re a lot of work but you all make it worth it.

And now onto my Book of the Month: Beautiful Secret by Christina Lauren.

As many of you know, Christina Lauren are two of my favorite authors on this big blue dot floating in the atmosphere. They could write a phone book and I would read it. So when the fourth book in the Beautiful Bastard series came out – no surprise, I hauled ass to our local Chapters to pick up a copy.

It was never my plan for Book of the Month to serve as a review, so I’ll keep it short and sweet: if you love any of the following, you will absolutely adore Beautiful Secret:

  1. A strong female character you can probably relate to, and if you can’t – you’ll admire her and probably want to be her.
  2. New York City or London
  3. British Men.
  4. A very, very, slow perfect burn.
  5. Any of the previous Beautiful Boyfriends: Bennett Ryan, Max Stella or Will Sumner.

If you’re a fan of the series, you may be wondering where Beautiful Secret’s sexy leading man Niall Stella ranks amongst the others — I get this question about the other books ALL the time.

Let me just say this. Will Sumner will always be my favorite (he got me into running, remember?) but if you’ve got a thing for British gents, Niall may be your best man yet.


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