Scenes from the Weekend is Back!

There is nothing better than a long weekend that includes sun, warm weather, ocean views, and a little adventure.

On the East Coast, the first weekend of the year to allow this kind of killer combination is our May long weekend, where we celebrate the Queen’s birthday – because we’re all commonwealth like that! For you Americans, it’s our equivalent to Memorial Day.

I figured that there was no better weekend to kick off the return of last summer’s wildly successful Scenes from the Weekend series. If this is your first summer with me, Scenes from the Weekend is a weekly post that goes up on Sunday or Monday night – depending on the awesomeness of the weekend and taking into consideration our three long weekends of the summer.

Each week, I share some of my favorite snapshots from the weekend. What you get in return is a glimpse into a truly East Coast summer!

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Now, here are some of my favorite shots from this perfect long weekend! Huge thank you goes out to my equally adventurous mother who tagged along with me for a little fun in the sun this weekend! It’s clear where I get my wanderlust from!

IMG_9697 Fundy National Park – accepting the #ShareTheChair challenge

IMG_9698 my adventurous partner in crime – I get it from my Mama

IMG_9701don’t go chasing waterfalls (or do – because they’re awesome)

IMG_9556 you can’t NOT take a waterfall selfie

IMG_9704 trees for days

IMG_9705 Point Wolf Beach

IMG_9708 Point Wolf covered bridge

IMG_9598 fresh local lobster roll for lunch

IMG_9754 Herring Cove beach

IMG_9751 ready for you summer, so ready for you…

IMG_9753 perfect day in park

IMG_9844 holiday monday at Sackville’s Waterfowl Park

IMG_9845nature walks

IMG_9848 those views tho

IMG_9849 soon, goose – all of this land will be yours

IMG_9852 stumbled upon a covered bridge in the country – had to stop and take a picture

IMG_9858 one of the oldest forts in north america – no big deal or anything

IMG_9856 these walls mean serious business

IMG_9854 exploring tunnels, looking for danger

Thank you Fort Beausejour! You were super fun to explore!

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I hope you all had an amazing weekend – whether it was a long one or not! I’ll see you all Wednesday for my Recipe of the Month! It’s one of my favourites!


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